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At Western States Homes, LLC, we recognize that each individual home owner has a unique set of needs.

Traditionally, when we consider real estate transactions we think of there being two "sides"--Buying and Selling--but we at WSH see possibilities that aren't always obvious.  We move beyond this typical real estate transacting, specializing in recognizing the needs of our clients and designing specific strategies that are proven to be successful in accomplishing desired results.  This is a tremendous benefit to our clients because our objectives are clear from the beginning, our options are many, and the time-line for accomplishment is greatly diminished when compared to traditional methods. 

In today’s dynamic marketplace, buyers and sellers often need better options than banks and realtors can offer.  At Western States Homes, we understand this, and admire and appreciate all of those who give us the opportunity to be of service.  This is why we work hard to help make your dreams of home ownership--or resolution of real estate difficulties--a reality.


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    We purchase Idaho real estate.

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    We improve the property with a variety of home upgrades and additions.

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    We sell the new and improved property.

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Sell Your Home In Idaho

We don't want you to list your home, we want to buy it!  For cashNow.  Western States Homes is in the business of purchasing homes, using methods that leave our clients with no fees, commissions or other closing charges usually associated with real estate sales.  We offer simple solutions to real estate quandaries while maximizing your home's value.

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The Real Estate Process

Our primary aim is to make the process of owning a home SIMPLE.  By eliminating the need for banks and lending institutions, we have made it possible for ANYONE to fulfill their dream of becoming a homeowner.  View the Western States Homes Southern Idaho inventory of homes for sale.

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Realtors & Investors

We are investment professionals who, in most cases, act as the Home Buyer.  We buy houses using our  association with private investors who provide the funding for swift action on property acquisition.  When Realtors work with us they never need to wait for loan approval.   In addition, if we use a Realtor's efforts to purchase a property we will use the same Realtor as our selling agent. 

If you're interested in joining us as one of our Investors--or you want to discover how doing so compares to traditional investment returns--we'd love to talk to you.  Let us show you how we can improve on bank accounts, stock investments . . . even those wonderful IRAs and 401Ks!




Fowler House Restoration Part 14

We are back at it and making some progress.

Fowler House Restoration Part 13

In all my years of rehabbing and selling properties, never have I had a house take so long to get back onto the market.  There is a major difference though.  The Fowler house I am tryin...

Fowler House Restoration Part 12

Roof is getting done this week and gas was installed. Do I repair plaster or sheet rock the entire house?

Fowler House Restoration Part 11

In the last month it has been slow going at the Fowler House.  With the accumulation of all the snow and frigid cold temps it was difficult to get any workers wanting to work in a house without h...

Fowler House Restoration Part 10

Mechanicals will all be done this week and than we will be starting sheet rock in the basement and restoring plaster throughout the house.

Fowler House restoration part 9

Things are progressing at the Fowler House! Several aspects of the rehab are underway.It took 2.5 weeks and all the framing is completed by Icon Construction and it looks great.  The st...

Fowler House Restoration Part 8

Demo and framing have started and should be complete in 2 weeks allowing plumbing, electrical and HVAC to start their work.

Fowler House Restoration Part 7

After many months of getting the restoration started, it has finally started and over the next couple months huge transformations will occur.