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Fowler House Restoration Part 7

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After months and months of obstacles that kept the Fowler House restoration process from beginning, we have finally begun.  We had to first come up with a design to optimize the house while adding stairs down to the new basement, getting it approved by the Historic Society, getting building permits and than some framing issues, we have starting the interior demo and framing.  We were also able to pour the basement concrete a week ago.  Now that we have started the demo, we should be able to get all the subs lined up to finish this house by the New Year.

The painting has also started but we are waiting on siding being made which is an exact match to the current siding.  It had to be milled specifically for my project.  The painter has scraped the house and will be ready to paint as soon as we get the new siding on.

There should be the ability for several subs to be on the job at the same time working to get this project done as fast as we can from this point on.

There will be huge changes at the Fowler House over the next few months.

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