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Fowler House restoration part 9

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Things are progressing at the Fowler House! 

Several aspects of the rehab are underway.

It took 2.5 weeks and all the framing is completed by Icon Construction and it looks great.  The stairs down to the basement are complete, the downstairs rooms are framed out, the master bedroom, bathroom and walk in closet.  You can see the design in the house now.  We moved the rear door and made it into a French door. 

Electrical and plumbing are in this week while HVAC will be in soon.  My HVAC tech went on vacation for a month and we can't wait until he gets back so we are currently looking for a new HVAC tech.  The biggest thing with plumbing, electrical and HVAC is making sure they damage the existing walls as little as possible.  Most of the access to the current walls will be through  the baseboards.  All the baseboards in the house will be meticulously removed and this is how the electrician and plumber will access the walls.

At the same time the roof is being completely redone all the way down to the studs.

If you are close to the Fowler House and look on the north side you will see 3 different colors we are trying to decide between for the body of the house.  We will also use white for the trim and I am even looking into one other color to add. 

I had to have the siding milled special to match the siding that is currently there and we just got some delivered to us.  Once we get the rest of it we will get it installed and the painting will be underway.

My historical restorator, Justinian Morton will be starting shortly.  We will be keeping as many of the original windows as possible and he will be restoring them.  Also, he will be restoring all the woodwork and plaster in the house. 


Hopefully we will be completely done with the house by mid Jan.


Keep watching as this cocoon becomes a butterfly everyone is talking about in North Boise.

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