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Fowler House Restoration Part 8

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We are making progress!

Currently, we are demoing the interior of the house.  In the restoration of a historic house we want to keep as much as possible while opening the house up some to give it a some what current concept.  In deciding the design we are opening up the master to give it a master bathroom and closet as well as opening up the kitchen area.  The other big decision was where to add stairs to the basement which the house did not have prior to its move. 

Once the demo is done framing will be started which will be what we need in order to start the electrical, plumbing and HVAC.  Framing will include the entire basement area, stairs to the basement, support beam to open up kitchen, support beam to support upstairs floor, master bathroom and closet as well as main level bathroom. 

Before framing can be started in the basement we have to have holes in the basement filled.  These holes were used to place the house on the basement.  The holes should be filled today.

Siding is being milled right now and once it is done, we will be able to get the property painted.  We need to decide on the colors.  I will be deciding between the following colors for the trim:

SW 6538 "dignified"
SW 6537 "luxe blue"
SW 6536 "searching blue"
and the main body will be SW 7006 "Extra white"
Demo and framing is scheduled to take 2 more weeks and than we will be on to other subs. 
Check out some of the pics to see the progress of the Fowler House Restoration Project.
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