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Fowler House Restoration Part 13

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In all my years of rehabbing and selling properties, never have I had a house take so long to get back onto the market.  There is a major difference though.  The Fowler house I am trying to restore as much as I can to its original character rather than just update everything.  It has been much harder and more challenging to restore.  I am having a fun time with it but at times it can be frustrating.


At this time I have all the mechanicals done, framing done and a new roof.  I thought I would be listing it by now.  Instead we are having to put the restoration on hold for a couple months.  Since the very first week after buying the Fowler House I started getting complaints from the neighbors in the condos that we share an alley with.  They were complaining that it has been sitting there and being an eye sore.  When I finally got moving on the restoration after getting permits and OK'd through the Historic Society we started having complaints about other issues.  The latest issue is that we were getting mud into the alley.  We tried to take care of the situation by cleaning the alley and putting a net type of a thing in the drain to catch any mud.  We still got complaints and someone even called Boise City to complain.  We were than contacted by Boise City and told that no mud was to get into the alley or we would be fined.  We were told to bring in a load of road mix to park on.  We tried to get some spots along the road to park without any luck so we are going to wait until the mud dries up before starting again.


This is frustrating but we will be starting the restoration again before you know it with the hopes of selling mud Summer. 


The one positive thing is that the guy I bought the Fowler House from texted me the other day saying me found 2 stained glass windows that go in the front of the house.  I have not seen them but I am excited to.

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