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Fowler House Restoration Part 11

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In the last month it has been slow going at the Fowler House.  With the accumulation of all the snow and frigid cold temps it was difficult to get any workers wanting to work in a house without heat.  My last blog said that the HVAC was going to be done in just a couple days but with the cold temps and difficulty even driving, I was just informed today that the HVAC system is installed in the house.  All we are waiting on is Intermountain Gas to install the gas meter.  It was supposed to have been done about a month ago.  We were able to get the sheathing on the house so it is closed up and now the Fowler House looks much more like a house.  

In the last couple days, since the snow has melted off the roof, my roofer has been able to start getting ready to roof.  I haven't heard when he will be done but as long as there isn't any snow in the forecast he should be done soon.  This will get the house to start looking better.  Windows have also been ordered and will be delivered in about 3 weeks.  As soon as heat is on in the house plaster repair will start.

Next up is to get the siding put on so that painting can start as soon as the temp gets a little warmer.  In the meantime I will have to determine what color I want the house to be.  We have painted a few different shades of purple on the house but I am not really feeling it.  I am thinking maybe more like an indigo blue color.  

Hopefully my next blog I will be able to report more progress with the help of Mother Nature taking it easy on us.


In downloading my pics, they appear upside down on my blog but they are right side up on my computer.  I have no clue what is going on and was not able to fix it so I apologize.

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