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Fowler House Restoration Part 14

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After a couple month hiatus, thanks in part to the condo residents, from working on the Fowler House we are back on it.  This week we had the house hooked up to power and had the power to the neighbors house re-routed along the edge of the property.  I had to do this since I am going to build a garage and the power was going under the garage and it can't be.  Idaho power has a good thing going.  In order to move my power line I had to have Idaho Power come out to move it.  It took me a month to finally get them scheduled to come out and than they moved me back another week.  I was at the mercy of Idaho Power.  Now everything is ready to build the garage.

I also was able to get all the windows put in.  Most of them are covered up while the exterior is be fixed up.  I have one window that is stain glassed that is at the shop to get restored.  It is one of the first things you see as you enter  the front door.

At the same time the windows were being put in the exterior wood of the house was being fixed up.  This is a big job since this property is over 100 years old but the crew is doing great and should be done next week.  Right after that the house will be painted.  I posed a question about the color choice on my Facebook page and it was even so I have decided to paint the house blue, yellow and white.  I will than be getting the front yard semi landscaped and the fence will come down.  I am excited for that day.

I am also planning on getting the sheet rock started and finished on the interior at the same time all the exterior stuff is going on.

We are moving along and am hoping to have it finished by the end of Sept.

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