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Fowler House Restoration Part 12

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Things have been slow to get done in the last couple weeks.  Finally the snow melted off the roof so the roofer has been able to start replacing it.  With the rain and the roof steepness, the roofer has had to pick his days that we wants to work on the roof.  We are hoping to have it completed next week.  All the HVAC is done but we have been unable to pass inspection since it needs to be vented correctly meaning we needed to get onto the roof.  We have also been waiting for 2 months for Intermountain Gas to install a gas meter for us.  With all the bad weather we were not on the top of the list and after several occasions of them making an appointment and not showing up, they were able to install it. 

As with restoration of any old house, there is always something new coming up that needs addressed or fixed.  My plan from the beginning of this restoration was to repair the plaster.  This would keep its original charm.  I also had talked to other owners of historical houses who tore out all plaster and sheet rock and they advised me to repair the plaster.  It was a pain to go through all that demo.  I was wanting Justinian Morton to repair the plaster but now he is telling me that he wants 4 months.  Getting bids to demo the plaster and sheet rock is running me around $39,000.  If I was to take 4 months that is a lot of extra holding costs but I am not sure I want to spend $39,000 to sheet rock the entire house.

After looking at several color schemes for the property I think I have determined that colors I am going to use:  house base of indigo with travertine on the upper half of the house with hammered silver and white as the trim.  Let me know what you think.


On we move in this restoration and hopefully I will have more to share in a couple weeks.


Once again my blog has decided to turn my pictures upside down when I download them so no pics until I can figure it out.

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