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Fowler House Restoration Part 10

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Things are moving along at the Fowler House Restoration. 

In the last month we have been able to get all the plumbing and electrical done while preserving the house as much as possible.  When setting up the plumber, electrician and HVAC techs they have met with my project manager and my historical restorator, Justinian Morton.  It was imperative that they were to cut into the walls as little as possible but there were places that had to be demoed in order to finish, as you will see in the pics.

HVAC was supposed to have been done by now but due to some issues with the Manual J the HVAC system is being installed this week.  There were also some issues with the path in the basement to the main floor in that the floor joists are going the wrong way.  Luckily, we have enough room in the basement to frame down the ceiling and still have 8 foot ceilings.  We did have to frame down the egress windows a little though.  Wireless thermostats are being installed.

The roof was scheduled to be replaced at the beginning of December but most of you know we have had snow and it hasn't been possible.  So we are now just waiting on Mother Nature to melt some snow.

Last week we got the remaining specially milled siding to match the current siding and when we were getting ready to put it up it was determined that the house was not level.  A meeting has been set up with Western States Movers this week to level the house.  They were the company responsible for moving the house to its current location.  I am not sure how so many people missed this for so long.  Once the house is level the siding will be up and we can secure the house completely.

We are still trying to determine the color for the house which hasn't been of huge importance due to the temperature that is not conducive to painting.  There are ways to paint in this temperature but we will give it a while to warm up a little.

At the end of this week we should really start to get this project moving.  Justinian will be able to start restoring more of the house and the basement will get sheet rock.  We are still working on finding the correct contractor to build the detached 2 car garage. 


Stay tuned - - more to come.

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