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Rehab of Gemstone

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I am starting a blog on the rehab of Western States Homes Gemstone property in Meridian, ID.  This is a large rehab with most of the house being rehabbed.  This blog will describe what we are doing and any bumps along the way.  In a property with this much rehab there are always unforseen situations that come up.  The audience of this blog will be able to see a property transform into a top notch ready to sell and move in property.

A little background on this property:  It needs entire electrical system replaced, some new plumbing, new garage door, new roof, windows, doors, light fixtures, kitchen, and bathroom.  It is a 1409 sq ft, 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom old farm style house.  It is located in a nice Meridian neighborhood and is definitely the ugly duckling.  We will attempt to make this house into the most desirable property in the area.

As we started on this property the first thing we are needing to do is to rewire the entire house.  The best way to do this, and the cheapest, is to open up all the walls so the electrician can see what he is doing.  Since the walls will be open I will be having the electrician wire in under cabinet lights and a surround sound system in the living room.  This will give the house some extra perks.

While the house is being rewired we will also simultaneously be working on the HVAC and the plumbing.  We have had to relocate the furnace.  It was under the steps but Meridian code does not allow that so we are having to move it into the utility room.  When the plumbing started we had decided on adding another bathtub upstairs to make the house a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home.  When replacing the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom he discovered clay piping which is against code. He is now having to determine where the clay pipe goes from the house to the sewer and replace the pipes.  We were not expecting or planning on this.  The kitchen drain is also clay pipes so we are working on deciding how we will reroute the kitchen drain which is in front of the house to drain with the bathroom at the back of the house.  There needs to be an 8 inch decline from the kitchen to the bathroom in order for it to drain properly. 

Also, we have discovered that the sewer drain from the bathroom is not draining very fast so we are going to take a camera into the drain to make sure the sewer system is not compromised or else we will have to reroute it as well. 

Attached are pics of the kitchen, bathroom and the clay sewer pipes heading to the sewer system. 


More to come.....


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