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22 N Fairview Staging

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Recently, Western States Homes, LLC finished a renovation on 22 N Fairview and for the first time in several renovations I decided to stage the house.  I did this for several reasons 1)It is a large house which typically takes longer than usual to sell with the average market time in Nampa being around 50 days right now and 2)It allows potential home owners to visualize what the house will look like with furniture in it.  Being an investor it is worth the extra money to stage a house to help it sell faster than the market average so we can get my investors money back working again.  I once read that unstaged houses spend about five times longer on the market than staged houses.  When staging a house it is enough to stage the master bedroom and bathroom, main bath, kitchen and living room.  An empty house can call attention to little imperfections while a staged house turns an ordinary house into an amazing house.  

My investor can't make any more money if their money is sitting there tied up in a property not selling.  When looking for a staging company I decided to use Accents, LLC, which is a new staging company but has done a masterful job making the house look amazing.  Check out the pics below and decide for yourself. 

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