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Rehab of the Fowler House

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Rehab of the Fowler House

On Thur 3/31/16 I bought a historic home named the "Fowler House" which has been moved from its original location off Myrtle St, Boise to its hew home on 825 N 12th, Boise.  I have done many flips in the Valley in the last 3 three but never have I ventured into flipping a historic home.  While I am excited, I am a little nervous.  When dealing with the Boise Historic Preservation Commission, I have heard it can be a pain.  They basically tell you what you can do to the exterior of your property.  Never the less it should be a fun 6-8 months of getting this historic house back to her glory.

The "Fowler House" has been moved to her new location with a 9 ft ceiling basement added as well as a 2 car garage and ADU (accessory dwelling unit) approved to be built.  The odd thing about the 2 car garage and ADU is that it is very modern and does not fit the historic look.  If this is any indication of the Boise Historic Preservation Commission, than I don't think it will be that much of a pain. 

This will be a weekly blog of the Rehab of the Fowler House.

This first week I will be meeting with the designer that will help me put together the interior of the "Fowler House" and re-design the 2 car garage without the ADU.  I will also be working on setting up an initial meeting with a restorer who will help me restore this house to her beauty.

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