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"Fowler House"

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We are finally getting somewhere on restoring the "Fowler House" back to its glory.  After several meetings with my designer, Noelle at Studio Boise, we have settled on a design for the interior of the property.  In designing the interior there were several things we really wanted to have to make sure the "Fowler House" appealed to our target market. 

On the list were the following:

  1. Open floor plan
  2. Large kitchen with an island
  3. 4 bedrooms
  4. Bathroom on each level
  5. and family rooms

The final design has all those elements which was difficult to arrange with each level being only about 850 sq ft.  Attached you can see the design.


In the meantime, my project manager was working on getting bids from the following contractors:

  1. Plumbing
  2. Electrical
  3. HVAC
  4. Concrete work
  5. Siding
  6. Painting exterior
  7. and Roofing

With getting bids we are getting 3 bids for each area of work and to make every contractor give us a apples to apples bid a scope of work (SOW) was created and given to each bidder with a print out of the design layout.  So far we have gotten one bid from concrete work for $4350 and a roofing bid for $10,975.  At the beginning of the project I had budgeted a rehab of $150,000. 

We will also need to be getting bids for a 2 car garage with 16 ft door to be built in the back.  There was a very contemporary 2 car garage design with ADU (accessory dwelling unit) approved by the Historic Committee but I did not feel it fit with the restoration of the "Fowler House" so the garage will not have an ADU and it will fit the style of the house.  This should please the neighbors that share the alley because they did not want an ADU. 

Hopefully in the next week we will have more contractor bids and the building specs from the design.

Onward we go

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