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A certain number of listings inevitably just won't sell.  We want to know about those gems, because we specialize in buying the “un-buyable” and helping you sell the “un-sellable.”  It doesn’t matter if the house is in a bad neighborhood or needs a list of repairs.  We buy exactly this type of houses because we know how to make them sell.

We’re professionals, and we’re usually acting as the Buyer. On average, we buy 5-10 houses each month. We are associated with a group of private investors who are ready and funded to move on property acquisition. When you work with us, you’ll never need to wait for loan approval. In fact, when we buy houses, it's frequently all cash and closing can occur in as little as seven days.

When you work with us there are several ways we can increase your revenue. Contact us when any of the following circumstances occur:

  • When an owner of a home doesn’t have enough equity to pay you a commission. Often we can negotiate a purchase and if we do, we’ll pay you a referral fee.
  • When you find a house that’s a tough sell because of its condition or location, or a house that won’t sell at a price that’s worth your time and effort. If we buy it, you will be paid a referral fee and possibly your full commission.
  • When you have a client that needs to sell fast. 
  • When you have a house with flood damage, fire damage or other major repairs.
  • When owners are behind in payments, when there’s a lien, when a property is in foreclosure.